About Us

About the iCBEEM-22

The 4th International Conference on Business, Economics & Education, Management (iCBEEM-22) provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for academic researchers, practitioners, and students to share, discuss, and disseminate their intellectual output and research implications to supplement the contemporary post-pandemic business practices in the various fields of social and management sciences.

The primary focus of iCBEEM-2022 is to uncover the understanding of the potential barriers such as COVID-19, as well as the critical catalysts for innovation, inclusion, and integration of our physical and intellectual resources to improve the quality spheres for the key stakeholders/institutions from management, economics and educational domains of our society. This conference will provide a prospect panorama to see through the post-pandemic encounter to ensure the sustainability of socio-economic development from the strategic to the grass-root level. The forum has multiple tracks to trace post-pandemic dynamics via keynote speeches, intellectual talks, and research manuscripts.

About the Case Research Center (CRC)

"To become center of excellence and market leader in Asia concerning case-based research, learning and teaching"

The Case Research Center (CRC) of Sukkur IBA University aims to advance case-based integrated teaching and learning approach. The CRC actively plays its role in developing business cases on companies and organizations of different sizes and natures, from listed companies, MNCs, and SMEs to NGOs and social enterprises.
The CRC develops a significant number of cases on contemporary business issues related to industries, including financial services, e-commerce, IT, manufacturing, food and beverage, and retailing.
The CRC constantly encourages the teaching fraternity to replace traditional teaching pedagogies with a case-based teaching approach. Further, Sukkur IBA University introduced an MBA program, which is entirely a case-based teaching program. A wide range of business cases is also available for other business institutions at a reasonable price.
Besides case development and promoting case-based teaching at Sukkur IBA University, the CRC actively organizes workshops, seminars, and conferences. It invites business leaders and industry experts to deliver talks and share their experiences with a distinguished audience.
Students can apply inter-disciplinary knowledge by analyzing case studies and providing viable solutions to organizational-related issues. Further, a case-based teaching approach strengthens students to think and act like managers, evaluate the social impact of an organization’s administrative decisions, develop strategies to generate sustainable competitive advantage, propose solutions, and design new business models.